TastyMD : 1000mg Premium CBD - Rainbow Star-Blast - High Potency

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$59.99 $99.99

High Potency CBD Tincture

1000mg of Premium CBD

Broad Spectrum – Mean Full Spectrum Benefits with the THC free Risk

Star Blast Flavor (fruity/berry/cherry/mystery flavor), stop forcing your self to down that awful hemp flavored oil and enjoy taking CBD with full relief

Loved CBD Oil but sometimes dread the taste?

TastyMD has formulated a great tasting CBD oil without any sacrifice of benefits.

TastyMD has took the benefits of a Full Spectrum and a full array of Cannabinoids for maximum benefit, but took a note from the isolates and kept there oil THC-FREE to create the a Broad Spectrum formula that is costly to produce, but creates a premium product for consumers.

Each Bottles Contains 1000mg of CBD, but also terpenes and other cannabinoids for full spectrum benefits and relief 

Crafted with Quality in Mind.

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